Blog tours and running

Hello again πŸ™‚ I know, this week it’s all The Ulfric’s Mate (* keep hearing the brady bunch — “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! *) And here’s some more πŸ™‚ There’s a blog tour of the new releases from Breathless Press this week and this is first one πŸ™‚ Each day there’ll be another. Comment on any and all of them!! All commenters gets a chance to win a $20 gift card from Breathless Press!! You can buy The Ulfric’s Mate, Ravaged (the anthology I’m in which is up for pre-order!) and still have money left over! *grins* πŸ˜€ Make sure and go to all the blogs (I’ll try to be good and post them all here!!)

Also, I’m running 25 minutes straight now!! er, sort of. Had to stop and force my air to breath cuz I started my run way too fast for my asthma (can’t wait until my lungs are lots stronger!) and my asthma, just, grrr. Anyways, took my inhaler, paced myself, and did loads better. Just had the issue with the dog. Next time, I’m going to take a picture then call the sheriff. It keeps trying to bite my son. If it actually succeeds…well, there will be no more dog worries from that front! I hate that the owners don’t keep their dog on a leash. I know a lot of people have problems with it, but I have problems with big dogs biting my kids! Or me! The dog can jump the fence, then you have to chain it up when outside, damn it. Or buy one of those electrical collars and the corresponding fence.

This blog tour is making me feel a bit like my running. A little breathless, a little panicked but exhilerated πŸ™‚ So, be my inhaler and be sure and comment on one or more of the blogs this week so I can breath easier.

I was whining a bit to my CP before the run about all I’ve had to do, mostly marketing stuff, some other side issues, and all I still had to do when all I wanted to do was write. I’m afraid her sympathy level was low. As in, “that’s the price you pay for success” low. LOL I WILL write today. Hear that universe? Kids? Husband? I’M WRITING. PBBBTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT


Inclines to Hills

What a day!! Lost my train of thought in middle of scene this morning cuz of my allergy meds. Then my 11yo gets up and he’s not feeling well, mostly allergy crap, I think, so we had easy school day. (Yes, we do school on Saturdays, and no, we don’t stop for the summer.) I hate it when I can’t remember where my brilliance was taking me. Of course, it would have been brilliant. All the lost ideas are fantastic. It’s like a rule somewhere. This story just sort of came to me the other day, so the idea is a new shiny and I’m still ironing out the issues πŸ™‚ It’s going to be a short/novella. I think. It’s SUPPOSED to be anyway. Something to work on whilst I figure out the other things on Search for Sorren.

Roll call for this week: Worked on Search for Sorren (editing AND writing), one of the shorts, a paragraph/idea for the other, and my garden, and crocheted. And where are all those projects?

Search for Sorren: WC 57,737 and 113 pages edited.

Short#1: 6,575 words, and research done on area and some wild animals, and hunting seasons.

Short#2: 94 words, and some ideas, may end up elsewhere as start for novel #3 in the series.

Midwife’s Moon: Currently out for edits by CP, staying steady at 20,655, with CP saying first two pages do good job of setting up tension, etc so that’s good news πŸ˜€

Crocheted: Afghan #1: 35%ish (had to redo 1%ish cuz of mistake a few rows back. I probably could have fixed it, but I’m anal retentive when it comes to my arts and crafts.

Afghans 2&3 still at 1%

And, I’m forgetting something… I learned how to do a google document for the style sheet for my The War of the Weres series πŸ™‚ I did said style sheet. More networking/marketing things done as I get reviews, interviews set up. Kinda stalled until my review copies are ready πŸ™‚ R

an invites on my FB author link. Hadn’t done that since I set things up.

OH and I ran. And lost weight/inches. *throws confetti*

While running, I had some thoughts. First one, inclines. I have them. Lots. I always kind of thought of it as flat. Well, when I’m in a car, it is mostly flat. I did some magic awesomeness on map my run and saw my inclines. one of them is 16ft over course of about .1 mile, maybe .15ish. Idk. But anyway, 16 ft over .1 isn’t that steep, it isn’t. Not like my running partner who does a 36 ft hill (and it’s apparently not the only hill, or she does it twice or something)

Now, when I first started runnin, I ran to a specific place, then back, then the rest of the run/walk intervals along an actual flat tenth of a mile, back and forth. Well, I got up to 2.7 miles doing that. I had my bits of inclines, but more than half on pure flat. I decided I need to push it harder, get stronger, so I went a bit further up an obvious incline, then back, and again, running on the flat to finish up my time. Well one day, I wanted to really push myself. I ran/walked 2.9 miles, a different route which takes me around an orchard. And guess what? The last .9 miles is all up hill. A gradual hill. But let me tell you, when you’re a newbie to running and the last bit is all up hill… yeah.

Now, I go so that one mile of my run is up and down a couple strong inclines, as my everyday run. I’m making 2+ miles so I’m happy. But I got to thinking, as a writer, when we don’t know of the bumbs, the problems, the inclines that we face going into writing, it can seem like all flat land, or smooth sailing, to mix my metaphors.

But, as we go along, we find out, there’s some hard parts in this. You’ve maybe forgotten grammar you knew, you found out you had to learn to write a query letter, and the days of a writer being a hermit and the publishing house doing the majority of the work (except actually signing the books ;P) are long gone. You have to become a computer guru, internet saavy, instantly understanding the ins and outs, or thought not to be serious in some circles. It’s hard work. What do you do when you come across these inclines? Do you work harder so they become easier? Or do you bypass them, thinking you’re doing great, only to find out there’s an actual HILL coming up and since you didn’t work on the inclines, it’s too hard? What can you do?

Writers are a great family of friends. Yes, I said family of friends. It is what we are. Recently, a writer friend, whom I’ve never met “in person” went into a coma, from toxic shock syndrome. A large number of writers went into a period of grief, all at different levels. Why? Because we are a family. This person was a vibrant, loving, giver, who touched us all. When she went down, we all felt it.

My advice, if you have a sincere wish to be a writer, become a part of our community. Don’t do it falsely, be there. Ask questions, offer up encouragement, but don’t be fake. Then, when you see that incline, that looks like a mountain, it will only be a mole hill with the help of your writer family. A small bump in the road to becoming a published writer. Conquer those inclines so that when a real hill comes along, you’ll be ready.

Roll Call of Where I’m At

I just finished a really, really good run. For me. I did 2.2 miles in 27:45 minutes. I went a little longer route so I wouldn’t have to run back and forth the last tenth of a mile. I normally go for 30 minutes, even though this weeks run ends at 28 minutes. I’ve been getting 2.0. So glad I was able to step it up. Although, if I hadn’t gone that longer route, I’d now be thinking I didn’t count right πŸ™‚ LOL

I missed my writing time last night. My boys went to the races with their dad and grandpa and I visited my mother in law while she was babysitting her niece. I ended up with the 3 yo back with me. I didn’t get home until 1 am. However, I HAD to get pullups, so I also got the majority of this weeks checks grocery shopping. So that’s one less non-writing thing I’ve got to find time for this week. I did get a couple rows on my afghan crocheted as well.

I’ve lost my phone. Again. Yes, I know. I can’t even begin to find it. If I didn’t have too many phone numbers on it, I would just go without a phone for a little while. I’m hoping to get a new phone when this billing cycle is over. I’ve got a credit that’ll show up on the next billing cycle. πŸ™‚ Since my son is also helping to pay for part of the bill now, about 25% of the total cost, that’ll give me about 100 dollars toward a new phone, plus it’s time for an upgrade. So, I should be able to get the phone I want without a huge issue money wise πŸ™‚ yay me!! LOL just in time for my book release!!

I got two buddies, tech people, who both, separately said they liked x phone. I said, that settles it then. I’m getting x phone. That way, I KNOW it’ll do what I need it to do. (Like, I now need one that’ll actually keep my appointment schedules for me. Like the due dates of all my edits, etc. the release dates of my books, when I need to have a rough draft finished, and for which publisher!!! I’m no longer going to be able to keep all this straight in my head!!) The phone I have now, I had before, and it lost its memory after 2 months of doctor and work schedule and I was only working 4 days a month at the time!!

Also, I want it to run my couch to 5k program AND tell me how far I’ve ran, etc. Take notes for me, like verbal notes, when I have an idea and can’t stop to write it down, run blue tooth,hands free, etc. So, :D:D:D:D I’m hoping it works…I’m also hoping it has a manual keyboard… one of the issues with my current phone is the screen keeps freezing up and it’s driving me crazy. Maybe if I could type my texts on the keyboard? LOL

Writing news: My writing partner, running partner, critique partner, and sister of the heart, (and yes, we fight and love just like real sisters) Anne-Mhairi has become a guest editor for a small imprint, fox spirit started recently by someone who is an editor for another publisher. You can read the founder’s details on the webpage. Anne-Mhairi is also in one of the anthologies as a writer. As an editor, she has a wonderful idea and now her own page and I’m writing in her anthology πŸ˜€ It’s a lot of fun and I’m excited to be invited and accepted by the head editor.

I’m also starting a couple shorts while I wait for my Critique Partner, *ahem* to finish the early edits of Midwife’s Moon. I always have to have more than one project to work on or my writing stalls… Also, I’ve gotten out of my writing funk πŸ™‚ I was having trouble getting any real word counts in (like, anything over 200 words πŸ˜› Although, I did add 1k to The Ulfric’s Mate last weekend, over course of 4 days of editing. That’s still only 250 a day LOL) but I have done a ton of editing, and have a ton more to do. That’s the problem with being a prolific writer. You then have to find a way to be a prolific editor LOL One thing I try to do, is edit the previous day’s writing, before starting the new writing. It helps with the flow and other things. And it helps find *duh* moments πŸ˜€ Anyways, I do have quite a few things I’m working on, with main focus of new writing being Search for Sorren, and editing/marketing being anything coming out w/ Breathless Press as I have one coming out in LESS THAN A MONTH *CUE PANIC BUTTON* and the anthology, Ravaged, is coming out IN AUGUST. And I’m writing at least THREE shorts in the next 7 weeks. So, write, plant, water, edit, write, plant, water, edit. OH and crochet. And harvest. I’m going to be a busy girl this summer…

I have 3 commissioned afghans, all HUGE, as in 45″+ is the SHORT side of these, ranging from 58″-62″ in lenght. Status: Afghan # 1, chevron, style #1, turquoise, fuschia, and white, 31%. Afghan #2, chevron, style #2, deep purple, orange, and white, 1%. Afghan #3, heart pattern on pattern, deep magenta, 1%.

Roll call for my works in progress: Search for Sorren: 57,464. Midwife’s Moon (sequel to Ulfric’s Mate) 20,655 (and I’d like to get this finished in next 4 weeks as well). Ghost of Kristen’s past, after recent edits (and is a completed MS) 71,275. Trainchoach of Death, which needs some major revision (I tried to make it a short, first of a series, when it needs to be a full length novel, first of a series), 10,109. Untitled for AM’s Weird Science anthology, 0. Vampire short, 0. Shifter (other) 0. Other TBD short, 0. Now that may look funny, all those zeros, but those are stories I need to get finished, like yesterday.

Editing is for May

So, I had to get a WP ID in order to make the stats function on my website work. Instead of just getting an ID I got a blog so I could follow some of the WP peeps I’ve been wanting to follow and can’t through google feed anymore. Well, I was unable to. But, I have the blog, it’s the same addy as this one, but instead of it’s and I’ll be doing duplicate blogs on both. I really dislike WordPress, but since Blogger changed, I really dislike it as well. So might as well join up, eh?

I’m very excited about all that’s happening in my writer life. I’m feeling so much better after rereading a couple of books. One thing, I’m waiting for editor friend of mine to post her head hopping versus omniscient POV post then I’m going to link the shit crap out of it.

I get frustrated when I see head hopping comments because sometimes, I KNOW it’s an omniscient POV book. That makes it hard as a writer. It’s like the passive voice thing. Yeah, we want to avoid ‘was’ but ‘was’ is not passive verb in a lot of cases. It’s context you have to look at for passive voice. Same with omniscient and head hopping. just cuz you can see more than one person’s thoughts, doesn’t mean they’re head hopping. They’re telling a full story!

Grrr. I keep running into that as I’m writing cuz of my own omniscient one I’m editing right now. I started trying to fix the back and forth when I realized I’d sent it to an editor and head hopping was not an issue, ie it is omniscient. So, at least until I finish this, I’m going to be angry about all the head hopping comments/blogs etc that I read that made it hard for me to remember the difference between that and omniscient. A lot of well off, bestseller writers, write omniscient. (Kay Hooper for example)

Also, did I mention that my “secret” project was acceptedΒ ;D It’s a short, partially inspired by my friend Branli on twitter and a drunken night w/ him and his friend Jon, via twitter! I love my twitter friends!! They really do inspire me more than many people can understand.

On the mother front, had a wonderful time watching my son at baseball practice last night, even if it was across a soccer field. He’s improved so much! That was only his fourth practice and he’s hitting it really far!! Like to the fencesΒ πŸ˜‰ Now if I could get him to work on his school work as hard…

Edward had a blast walking all over with his dad while they went campingΒ πŸ˜€ So I think both boys had a good time the last couple of days. Makes it harder to get them moving on to school though. That’s what’s happening right now. They’ve done home ec (a lesson on making tomato soup out of paste and how to whip butter) and had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. But now comes the boring work…

Isaac is on a terror this AM. He’s getting into EVERYTHING so I think he and I will have to do a round of Old McDonald’s Farm and work on his animal recognition. Wish me luck as this is a new song I introduced to him during baseball practice last night.

I have felt icky when waking up these last few mornings, but I still ran on Monday with the boys (they did 1.1, I did 2.0) and today. I’m so glad I went today. I did a personal best of 2.5 miles!! I’m so excited. When I started the couch to 5k (approx 3 miles) I didn’t even think I could run a mile, but I did 1.2 miles the first day! Now, I’m consistently 2 or over, so I don’t think that going for 5 miles by end of summer is out of the question. I’ve lost weight, although I have no idea how much, and inches. I know it’s inches cuz I can’t wear some clothes without them falling off. It was rather distracting this morning, trying to hold my britches up. πŸ˜› Yesterday, I had a very productive day on the writing front, editing the short story that’s out on Smashwords, then getting it out on kindle with the grammar issues fixed. I also edited 70 pages on another story I’m getting ready for submission. I’m trying to get all these loose ends done so I can concentrate on my novel for Splintered Lands. May do the NaNoWriMo camp in June. That’ll help me focus on words again.

Anyways, with all I’ve learned editing The Ulfric’s Mate, and Barely There, I’ve been on a major editing kick. Works great if you have things to edit like I do, but makes it hard for word count as my internal editor is a lot harder to turn off. I have lots to edit, so I’m kind of making May my edit month here. I’ll rerelease Cerisa’s Quest (Fantasy) and The Winds of Fire (militaristic romance thriller) by end of June, I think. Hoping to have Cerisa’s Quest in next two weeks. It needs the least amount of work. I’m going to go through The Winds of Fire. I’d intended on it being omniscient limited and someone said I was head hopping, so I changed things. Now have to do a little more research into the limited aspect and reread a really good blog, then edit it how I’d intended it to be. Have to find that blog first πŸ˜› LOL So off to work I go! Hi ho, hi ho…