I made a remark to an author/editor friend via DM. We were discussing the various projects I need to get finished yesterday. She mentioned hers, then I said, “yep. And I need to write the one for you as well. Had a dream. may do something different than I’d originally intended.”


Her response was to laugh and say that was a such a writerly thing to say 🙂 Then I explained how I’d had a dream three nights in a row set in this very cool, very interesting world and I think I’d better write it and her response was a very enthusiastic yes. She knows.


Sometimes, you have to write things because you have to. I may not actually be able to use this story for any of the regular projects I have going on at the moment. I “may” be able to use the world as a basis for the short for the aforementioned editor’s project, but, then again, maybe not.


I love when I “have” to write about a character, or world. Those stories end up being the best and most vivid. In this kind of case, it’s more than a new shiny, or some idea, it’s a I better write this or shrivel up and die. That’s how it feels.


Now, I must toddle off, and write. Oh, nearly forgot to tell you, sent off line items for my full out erotica (this is NOT a HEA, just a lot of hot, hot, hottest sex going on between some sexy people who want each other) and am nearly finished with the short for The War of the Weres Series 🙂 And I think I worked out the next step in Search for Sorren. Yes, it’s going to take me a bit to go through each step on this. I can’t just poof it out. Sigh. Too bad cuz I’d like to get it off my plate and out to a beta so I could get it to whom I need to get it to.




Editing and Weeding

Sigh. It has been one of those mornings. I was feeling pretty good. But, I’ve spent most of my morning making kids do their chores and school. Took a break from edits last night and wrote. I wrote about 2500 words yesterday, probably doubling my month’s total. I’d have to go look at earlier blogs to check for sure, but I’ve spent most of this month editing! Even some of the earlier word counts were from adding in scenes, description, etc while editing.

I EDITED A LOT THIS PAST MONTH. May was edit month because, well, just because. Then June came and OMG it was all about edit this and edit that LOL Well, I’m an editing fool! Editing is a lot like weeding. I told my critique parter, I wanted to be writing, crocheting, and planting. Not, editing, wishing for time, and WEEDING. But, think of how fast the weeds grow in your garden? Or your friends garden if you don’t have one. I leave my weeds for a day or two and SLAM! Even averaging 30 minutes a day in weeding upkeep, they get away from me.

Well, same for editing. If I don’t spend regular intervals editing, I start getting lazy in my writing and more problems will be there when it’s time to edit. And, as has happened in my garden this week when I was too busy (and in too much pain) to do much yardwork and new weeds were introduced, you’ll end up with new problems you hadn’t noticed before.

There is also a lot of good in weeding. This is the first year we’ve really gotten this yard under control. For various reasons, the yard has lain fallow for a number of years, not even grass in last few due to flooding having completely ruined the yard. And, when weeding areas I’ve planted some ground cover, I’ve also discovered some new wildflowers growing 🙂 It’s fun and exciting to find them, especially since I’m sure the seeds had lain there, dormant, until I watered and cared for the area.

Same with editing. You will find unexpectedly good places that you know you wrote, but had somehow forgotten how beautiful they were in context. How, when working really hard at getting this or that skill, unexpected extras happen in your writing. Those moments when you see your book improve, the quality raised another notch. That is what editing is about. A beautiful discovery of gems and sanding and polishing them until they shine, like a rose among the thorns.



I haven’t figured out how to write the code so that when you click on my cover of The Ulfric’s Mate, it’ll go to my publisher’s website for order, so I’m going to inlcude the link here (it took me years to figure out how to do THAT much) about once a week 🙂 Thanks to everyone who has already ordered and if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? 😀 😀 The cover alone is worth the price of admission.

Excerpt from Search for Sorren

Hi Everyone 🙂

Hi everybody 🙂

I’m still alive and kicking. More than that, after two months of having my meds and one month of running, I feel pretty damn good. I’ve edited and re-posted Sex Rehearsal and Murder (quick erotica) and The Winds of Fire (Romantic Thriller with a military bent) on Smashwords here and here and on Amazon here and here. (there’s even a customer review up from early on 🙂 I edited The Ghost of Kristen’s Past (TWF and TGKP are omniscient POV stuff I’ve been grousing about) and sent it off. I don’t know if they take omniscient, so we’ll find out won’t we?

I’ve started editing (again!!) The Search for Sorren again. It’s the full length novel for Splintered Lands that I should have had finished a YEAR ago…thankfully they’re slow as molasses. For some reason (and really, I don’t know why. In rereading it, I really like it!!) I’m having trouble finding my rhythm and have groused about it on more than one occasion. I worked hard to get over the 55k mark. I was stuck just under 54 and seemed like every word I wrote took an hour. 😛 Well, maybe this editing mode will help me to par this up into chapters (I was so into writing this, I forgot to do chapters right! in that 55k there’s only 2 chapters!! LOLOL) So, that’s going well 🙂 I’ve already taken out a bunch of words, but I’m still up about a hundred words 🙂 So wish me luck that some other emergency doesn’t happen.

“Mistress Sherrone!” someone called her but she did not heed them. She stayed with Krong, not wanting him to die alone, if indeed he was going to die. “Sherrone!” this time the strident tones would not be ignored.


She looked around to see who was calling. It was Hielan. “What is it?” she asked resignedly.


“Ye need to move. We are going to attempt to roll the log off them, but need everyone to help move the—“ he stumbled. She saw him swallow hard, his adam’s apple jumping, high, then low, before he spoke again. “The bodies. We need to move them as quickly as possible so we can attempt to save the ones who are still alive.”


She nodded and squeezed Krong’s hand. “I have to go help,” she said, her voice strained with the tears she could not hold back . “Don’t leave this world while I’m gone,” she ordered. She stood up and turned to Hielan.


“Okay, show me where I can be of the most use,” she said, wiping her face with both of her hands, trying to regain her composure.


“Grab the ones still alive first, and move them as far as ye can away from the area. We don’t want any more accidents. After the live ones have been moved, we can put the ones who have already died there,” he pointed to a spot not too far. “It’s unlikely that the log will roll there, but if it does,” he trailed off.


If it does, the dead won’t feel it, she mentally finished for him. She did not want to say it aloud anymore than he did. “Good plan. I’ll see that the others who are unhurt help us with them.” She turned and moved to the nearest live person and began implementing the plan. She called out to the others to help, many of whom stood shocked, not moving or speaking. “We need to help those still alive get a fighting chance to live,” she ordered them. “Now come and aid us,” she ordered.


Many were shoved out of their shock by her terse words and began to do as she said. She lifted the torso of the first woman, grasped under her arms, clasping her hands together over the woman’s chest. She pushed her feet into the ground and stood up as much as she could and began to drag her over to the area Hielan had pointed out to her. The woman moaned and attempted to help, but her feet dangled uselessly and she could only look up at Sherrone.


The fear, pain, and sadness in the woman’s eyes almost broke Sherron’s composure, but she gritted her teeth and pulled. About half way to the designated area, Androna came and grabbed the woman’s legs under the knees and helped Sherrone move her.


Together they moved three people who were still alive and two who were not. By now, Sherrone’s emotions had steeled, and anger was making its way to the forefront. She kept moving, not letting her personal feelings get in the way, even when she saw that one of the dead people included the other woman who was on the council with her.


The area was finally clear. Sherrone stood to the side while the pushed the log off the men who had been caught under it. The men all screamed in pain as the weight was lifted off. She dropped down next to Krong as soon as Hielan gave the all clear sign. Never in her life had she seen so many dead and injured. Their community had grown to almost double in the last decade. But in one fell swoop, they had lost about a quarter of the adults.


She pushed that thought to the side as Krong smiled weakly at her. “I waited for you. But I’m afraid I cannot wait much longer before moving on to the next stop on the Great Path of Life.”


“Krong,” she wanted to deny his claim, but knew he was right. “I did na know ye believed as those in the temple high up the river do,” she said instead.


“Don’t tell the others on the council, but it is where the Haring people are from. We came to seek a different life but never lost our beliefs in a higher power. I must go now, down the next path in store for me,” he said, his voice barely a breath on the last word. He took in one deep breath, let it out. Then, no more.


She cried out against the fates and the council members who had approved of the experiment. She heard others crying as well as the townspeople realized the dead and dying were one of their own family members or their good friends. She did not know how they would find enough wood to do a proper burning burial without it becoming obvious that a large settlement lived there, but that would be a problem for tomorrow. For now, she stood up, her eyes boring into the gazes of the other members of the council, who looked away.


At tonight’s traditional follow up council meeting, she would have her say. And this time, they would listen. She took one last look at Krong and the others who had died and marched over to the other lead council member. The one who always opposed her and sided with a man no matter how wrong he was, Pflimer. Orion Pflimer.


“Orion! I would have words with ye,” she called out.


“Now, woman?” he asked in exasperation.


“My name is Mistress Sherrone. Or Council Woman Sherrone, if ye prefer,” she said through her teeth. “And aye, now.”


“What do ye want,” he said demandingly. “I’m a little busy ‘ere.”


“We’re all a little busy ‘ere,” she said pointedly. “Dealing with injuries and deaths that should na ha’ occurred if the council had done its job.”


He looked around and she knew he was searching to see who else was listening before responding. “If ye were na such a shrew, then maybe more of the council would heed your words.”


Sherrone stared at him aghast. “If ye were less bigoted and listened to people regardless of whether they are man or woman, I would na have to demand to be heard. Ye are vile. I’m going to see to it that your seat on the council be revoked.” She turned and walked away before she said or did more in the heat of her rage.


It was nightfall before the injured had been taken home and the bodies placed near the burial site. They would start digging the graves and chopping the wood tomorrow. Ironically, they would be using the logs they had felled for the experiment. There were not enough trees to let the wood go to waste for sentimental reasons.


Tired, dirty, and hungry, she made her way with others to the council hall. More people than usual followed them. This would not be a typical follow up on an experiment. People’s emotions were riding high, and they wanted someone to pay. She did not blame them for she felt the same way.


She sat in her rough hewn chair. It was not as fancy as the others, for she had made it herself. All of them had chairs of sorts and one long table that separated them from the rest who attended the meeting. It was thick and heavy and made from some of the oldest trees they had seen in their area. Some had even speculated that they may have been some of the very few trees to have survived the splintering.


She ran her hand over the table and winced. Even her customary comfort in the idea of something that had outlasted human folly and nature’s wrath was to be denied her tonight. Her hands were blistered and cut from the clean up. It would be worse tomorrow.

In celebration of my new found editing prowess, I want to share a piece of the first chapter. The main character has been fighting the council and refuses to give approval for the outlying areas to do an experimnet. The results of the experiment are as she feared–deadly. (Note: For the rules of this world, go to Splintered Lands and while there, check out Dangerous Journey, partly co-written by Anne-Mhairi Simpson and continued in a short story later 🙂

Editing is for May

So, I had to get a WP ID in order to make the stats function on my website work. Instead of just getting an ID I got a blog so I could follow some of the WP peeps I’ve been wanting to follow and can’t through google feed anymore. Well, I was unable to. But, I have the blog, it’s the same addy as this one, but instead of it’s and I’ll be doing duplicate blogs on both. I really dislike WordPress, but since Blogger changed, I really dislike it as well. So might as well join up, eh?

I’m very excited about all that’s happening in my writer life. I’m feeling so much better after rereading a couple of books. One thing, I’m waiting for editor friend of mine to post her head hopping versus omniscient POV post then I’m going to link the shit crap out of it.

I get frustrated when I see head hopping comments because sometimes, I KNOW it’s an omniscient POV book. That makes it hard as a writer. It’s like the passive voice thing. Yeah, we want to avoid ‘was’ but ‘was’ is not passive verb in a lot of cases. It’s context you have to look at for passive voice. Same with omniscient and head hopping. just cuz you can see more than one person’s thoughts, doesn’t mean they’re head hopping. They’re telling a full story!

Grrr. I keep running into that as I’m writing cuz of my own omniscient one I’m editing right now. I started trying to fix the back and forth when I realized I’d sent it to an editor and head hopping was not an issue, ie it is omniscient. So, at least until I finish this, I’m going to be angry about all the head hopping comments/blogs etc that I read that made it hard for me to remember the difference between that and omniscient. A lot of well off, bestseller writers, write omniscient. (Kay Hooper for example)

Also, did I mention that my “secret” project was accepted ;D It’s a short, partially inspired by my friend Branli on twitter and a drunken night w/ him and his friend Jon, via twitter! I love my twitter friends!! They really do inspire me more than many people can understand.

On the mother front, had a wonderful time watching my son at baseball practice last night, even if it was across a soccer field. He’s improved so much! That was only his fourth practice and he’s hitting it really far!! Like to the fences 😉 Now if I could get him to work on his school work as hard…

Edward had a blast walking all over with his dad while they went camping 😀 So I think both boys had a good time the last couple of days. Makes it harder to get them moving on to school though. That’s what’s happening right now. They’ve done home ec (a lesson on making tomato soup out of paste and how to whip butter) and had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. But now comes the boring work…

Isaac is on a terror this AM. He’s getting into EVERYTHING so I think he and I will have to do a round of Old McDonald’s Farm and work on his animal recognition. Wish me luck as this is a new song I introduced to him during baseball practice last night.

I have felt icky when waking up these last few mornings, but I still ran on Monday with the boys (they did 1.1, I did 2.0) and today. I’m so glad I went today. I did a personal best of 2.5 miles!! I’m so excited. When I started the couch to 5k (approx 3 miles) I didn’t even think I could run a mile, but I did 1.2 miles the first day! Now, I’m consistently 2 or over, so I don’t think that going for 5 miles by end of summer is out of the question. I’ve lost weight, although I have no idea how much, and inches. I know it’s inches cuz I can’t wear some clothes without them falling off. It was rather distracting this morning, trying to hold my britches up. 😛 Yesterday, I had a very productive day on the writing front, editing the short story that’s out on Smashwords, then getting it out on kindle with the grammar issues fixed. I also edited 70 pages on another story I’m getting ready for submission. I’m trying to get all these loose ends done so I can concentrate on my novel for Splintered Lands. May do the NaNoWriMo camp in June. That’ll help me focus on words again.

Anyways, with all I’ve learned editing The Ulfric’s Mate, and Barely There, I’ve been on a major editing kick. Works great if you have things to edit like I do, but makes it hard for word count as my internal editor is a lot harder to turn off. I have lots to edit, so I’m kind of making May my edit month here. I’ll rerelease Cerisa’s Quest (Fantasy) and The Winds of Fire (militaristic romance thriller) by end of June, I think. Hoping to have Cerisa’s Quest in next two weeks. It needs the least amount of work. I’m going to go through The Winds of Fire. I’d intended on it being omniscient limited and someone said I was head hopping, so I changed things. Now have to do a little more research into the limited aspect and reread a really good blog, then edit it how I’d intended it to be. Have to find that blog first 😛 LOL So off to work I go! Hi ho, hi ho…