What’s wrong with Fan Fiction?

What’s wrong with Fan Fiction?.

Though some of my favorite people write fan fiction, I see her points in a way. Though, in HP, up until recently, author had said no more new books… There are too many shades of grey for fan fiction, like fan art, especially if you’re making money from them. However, even though I hate pirating. I think taking characters and “shipping” them with characters from other worlds, isn’t copying the story. The authors clearly never meant for Gandalf to meet up with Harry Potter, for instance. But, as we write Fan Fiction (which, in my opinion, is a great way to PRACTICE writing), we need to think of these things and what we’re doing.

PS I’ve never written fan fiction.

2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Fan Fiction?

  1. Very good points there. And of course, some famous authors started off in fan-fiction, even decades back.

    As my lengthy discussion with Mairibheag brought out, this genre is clearly split in two. There are those who use it as a practice medium and throw their first efforts online to be downloaded and commented for free; and others who (serious writers themselves who also produce original work) write tributes or even skits on well-known works. The two “fan fiction” genres have very much in common, except that they both use worlds or characters that are borrowed from someone famous. I was blogging about the first, not the second. It took me a while to realize that people misunderstood.

    Thanks for the pingback! 🙂

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