My First Review and how my kids lost their hearing

πŸ˜€ This has been an exciting week. One week ago my book was released out into the world. Excitement, relief, nervousness, wanting the best, expecting…? That’s part of the problem. I really didn’t know what to expect. My poor stomach!

But what has happened has been even more than I could have imagined. People, some publicly, some privately have spoken such words of my writing, that I’m in awe. The comments are, well, I told you that yesterday!!

Today, I got my first review. And I screamed in relief, joy, wonderment, and because it seemed so unreal! I made my husband read it as soon as he got home from work. Had to explain to my kids why I was screaming like a banshee. They alternately laughed and held their ears. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I scream at baseball games or football games, or basketball games, or-you get the idea.

I think I’ve mentioned this, but it’s surreal to me, still. I sometimes wake up and try to count the days until the release is here. Or, keep thinking of myself as unpublished. I’ve been contracted for many months. You’d think I’d have had time to prepare myself. Well, I don’t know that you can πŸ™‚ Especially when lovely things like that review come in πŸ˜€ I couldn’t have imagined a better one. Please, go read the review and follow her blog. She gave a fair assessment (the good and the not so good) and I completely agree with it πŸ™‚ Thank you for all your support.


Now, I’m Crying

I can hold back tears of pain, sadness, and betrayal. I wait until the crisis is over. I cried and cried and cried after my daughter got out of the hospital, so thankful she lived. But shed very little, if any, during the process. I cried when I initially heard my brother died, then spent the time until after the funeral doing my grieving. I’m the eldest child, in birth and adopted family. I am a mother. I canNOT have a breakdown when everyone else is. So I wait. Wait until I’m safe to have one. This has many pitfalls. One, there area plenty of people (especially men, in my experience) who don’t understand WHY you’re crying NOW. Isn’t it over? Although, the death of my brother didn’t get the disbelief that I was having trouble later. Seems they understood a little better that grief takes a while.


But today, I am crying happy tears. Those are harder for me to fight. I’m so loved and blessed, and sometimes, in the middle of the heartache, it’s easy to forget how much. Already, I have been asked for links, or told they are going to buy my book ASAP. But ASAP is next month. I understand money issues and am HONORED that people on a budget are buying my book. Honored. And that makes me tear up.


But, reading the comments that have started to roll in, and the response (ALREADY!) to my guest blog post, well, my cup runneth over! Thank you to all who have made and continue to make this book release awesome!!


Now, go comment and share the love on edittorrent and on the interview blog, loveromanceandmore, (sorry the link didn’t work so well yesterday 😦 but it’s fixed on yesterday’s blog and here’s another go) even if you’re buying or have bought it. If you win, you can share it with a friend πŸ™‚ I’ll send it where you tell me!


Thank you all my peeps and twitterai!

Another Milestone with an Interview :)

And another milestone for me πŸ˜€ This first book will be full of first firsts πŸ™‚ Not just first for this release, but first ever πŸ˜€ What’s up? Well, I sent off my first interview in the last milestone post, and it’s up for reading!! Now everyone can read all about me… LOL or rather, about the questions she asked πŸ™‚ I’m giving away a copy of The Ulfric’s Mate, so hop on and comment over here.

I’m so excited… You just can’t believe it!! I can’t wait to share this with all of you!! And I can’t wait to see more of my friends as this happens for them! I’ve been running despite the heat. Although, did go back to running in morning. That last run Saturday afternoon about did me in. I also did some weeding. But I am behind on other work. It’s just been too hot and wall AC units can’t keep up with the heat like this.

But, I’ve done a bit of editing and filled out ANOTHER REVIEW :D:D I’m so excited. Tomorrow, I’m guest blogging so I’ll have to blog here for that as well LOL A blog two days in a row… too bad hell isn’t freezing over. Might cool things down on this plane of existence. LOL I was thinking of a few good blogs. Will have to mull them over during a time when my brain isn’t slow roasting. Sigh. Maybe I’ll go sit in the kiddies pool with them LOL

How is everyone else handling the heat? Got a pool? I want a big one. A real big one. I would do many things for a big one… and that sounds like… um, yeah. LOL I am a romance writer. I may have to start doing the “over 18” thingy of googles. hmmm something to ponder as I sit in my big, oh wait, the little pool.

Another Milestone

This blog is, and always has been, about the journey of becoming a writer, and the steps/phases we go through all while wearing otherΒ  hats (in my case, a full time mom that sometimes has to work outside the home) and trying to achieve the dream.
I’ve been accepted (you have to have not seen my blog at all in the last 7 months to know this!) by Breathless Press and yesterday, my book was released. Huge milestone!! It’s out in ebook only formats, at this time, but I’m hoping to make it to print πŸ˜€ That would be aweome.
But, today, the milestone I cross, is this: I sent off my first interview!! My stomach is fluttering and I can’t believe it’s happening. I have others who have said they would interview, I have reviews on the way, and I still CAN’T BELIEVE IT. LOL not sure how many books it’ll take for me to actually believe this is happening to me!!
I’ve worked and dreamed of this happening. But it’s only the beginning of the dream. Eventually, I want to make a living wage with my writing, so no resting on the laurels!!
But one question was asked, which reminded me it couldn’t hurt to say it again. Question was something about what one piece of advice would I give to aspiring authors. My answer: well, I’m not telling you here! LOL I’ll link the interview when they get it online πŸ™‚ Should be within a week. πŸ˜€
How’s your day? Did you pass a milestone today? Wrote your first short? Finished your first novel? Figured out what in the Hell a query letter is? What have you done today towards your goal of being a writer?

Today Is a Magical Day for Werewolves

*cue Mr Rogers music* No wait, cue Underworld music. Time to go kick some ass and read my story, The Ulfirc’s Mate. There’s werewolves. Oh, you want more? Fine. There’s fighting, sex, romance, intrigue, and the start of a series of tough weres who don’t give up. A nasty female for the bad guy. What more could you want?

Seriously, I’m so stoked about this!! I’ll keep you all posted on guest posts and reviews as they happen πŸ™‚ They are happening! Things are just moving a little slow on that end. πŸ˜€

The next one out in the series, which is actually a bit of prequel in time, is in the Ravaged anthology, due out August 3rd πŸ™‚ I’m nearly finished with another novella in the series and about halfway done with the next full novel in the series. Finally getting some writing done. Even 500-1000 a day helps move things forward!! πŸ˜€

*dances* come party with me πŸ™‚ Lots of virtual chocolate everything and lemon bars πŸ™‚ Also, I’m willing to guest post/do interviews for anyone who doesn’t bite, or only bites a little. πŸ˜€ I hope this excitement of having a new book never ends πŸ™‚ I love writing and it’s great fun to see it for sale through such an awesome company to work for!! Seriously, love my fellow authors and my editors. They’ve really come through for me with my crazy schedule, the memory issues, and making my book look GOOD. πŸ˜€ Love you guys!!